Sentry’s CommunityPro™ Sets the Standard for Community Association Software

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“We are delighted to continue our tradition of leading the industry in association management accounting and administrative software,” said James W. Hart Jr., President of Sentry Management. “While there are many off-the-shelf software packages available today—and we have reviewed them all--our business strategy is based on investment in the most robust system possible. CommunityPro™, proprietary software built exclusively for Sentry, provides superior integration of all the functions necessary for flawless HOA administration.”

CommunityPro™ is used enterprise-wide by all Sentry community team members, whether the Community Manager on-site or in collections, accounting or support services. It processes and remembers every homeowner, board or vendor event to track and manage all aspects of a community. CommunityPro™ automates maintaining association budgets, tracking accounts receivable, paying vendors, reconciling accounts, managing vendors, initiating collection for non-payment and producing periodic financial reports.

The software features a state-of-the-art user interface called the Board Room, for HOA and Condo Board Members to access their community’s financial package in real time. The Board Room is a standard online feature on each community website that is provided free of charge to all client associations. On-demand reports can be retrieved anytime, 24-7, by Board Members. Each report in the financial package can be downloaded or transferred to an Excel program for detailed review and to create financial projections.

CommunityPro™ complements Sentry’s online bill payment capability, free community websites for all associations and enhanced homeowner communications available through

“Sentry’s CommunityPro™, compared to competitor’s less robust off-the-shelf software, means better consistency, fewer errors, more calculation accuracy and less data entry.” says Hart. The design feature that makes it so powerful is the built-in checks and balances, which cross-references each action. It also executes tasks automatically—like flagging when insurance is expiring or a vendor has not provided proper lien waivers. “The flexibility of the software allows Sentry to accommodate the varying requirements of every HOA or condominium,” concludes Hart.