Community Manager is the Board’s “Go To” Person

Community Manager is the Board’s “Go To” Person Sentry’s experienced Community Managers provide knowledgeable and professional advice. They attend and document all meetings, strategize and plan for future needs—and in turn, are the Board’s action arm. Managers are most valuable when looking in on the community, managing contractors and interacting with board members and residents. The Sentry management structure allows them to do just that, by shifting routine time-consuming tasks—from stuffing envelopes for mailings, entering data and writing checks—to a capable administrative team.

Since quick response is so important to the smooth operation of the homeowners association, even the backup has a backup. This unique organizational arrangement makes sure business goes on uninterrupted when the Community Manager is away due to illness or vacation.

To directly support the Board, the Community Manager:

  • Attends meetings
  • Prepares meeting and manager’s reports
  • Develops preliminary annual budget
  • Organizes the annual meeting
  • Oversees insurance review
  • Reviews and codes all bills
  • Implements operational policies adopted by the Board