Note: A “Sales Lead” is defined as a board member from a community not currently managed by Sentry expressing an interest in Sentry’s services.

Steps to record sales leads:

  1. Please complete the form and include all the information given you to by the lead. Required fields include:
    • Association zip code
    • Association name
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Form Completed by (include your own name)
  2. Type of community
  3. Number of units
  4. Record any additional information you may gather in the “comment” field, which may include:
    1. How the lead heard of Sentry Management
    2. What action they are requesting (a proposal, printed materials, attendance at a meeting, etc.)
    3. The best way to contact them along with a preferred window of time
    4. Let the lead know they will be hearing from a Sentry representative within 24 hours
  5. Upon completion of the form, the lead will be automatically routed to the correct contact in the sales department or within the division for prompt follow-up