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Sentry Managed Community in Denver to be Featured in National Museum Exhibit on America’s Evolving Residential Landscape

The Aria Cohousing Condominium is a unique community located in downtown Denver that Sentry manages. The community is set to be featured in an exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

So what exactly is a cohousing community? It is a community that consists of several private homes that are centered around shared or community spaces. The Aria community includes a communal garden that residents can enjoy, as well as a large meeting area where they enjoy eating meals together. Cohousing communities are designed to allow people to get to know and commune with their neighbors regularly.

The building originally served as a convent that was occupied by a group of nuns called the Sisters of St. Francis. The convent provided housing for women in need and also served as a food bank for the poor. The building stood vacant for a couple of years before the redevelopment plans began in 2012. The first residents moved into the community in August of 2017 and Sentry took over as the association management company during that time as well.

The museum exhibit titled “Making Room: Housing for a Changing America,” will focus on the nontraditional housing types that are emerging to meet the American people’s changing needs. Along with cohousing, the exhibit will also feature other alternative housing types such as tiny houses, and accessory dwelling units.

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