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Sentry Managed Condominium—Repurposed Hospital

Georgian St. Louis Condominium

The Sentry St. Louis Division manages an interesting community called The Georgian Condominium. The 104 breath-taking units (complete with 11’ ceilings, panoramic downtown views, and 8’ tall windows) are remarkable for what they once housed— the original city hospital.

The History

The first St. Louis City Hospital was built on the site 1846 and was destroyed by fire in 1856. The second hospital was devastated by the ‘Great Cyclone’ of 1896. The third hospital, whose main three buildings are now the Georgian Condominiums were built at the turn of the century and was the national showcase of quality city-provided health care. The buildings, from the time the hospital closed in 1987—until it was redeveloped—were essentially an eyesore due to vandalism, vagrants, and copper-scrounging thieves.

“Sentry took over management of this unique community back in 2013. When you walk the halls of the building, despite the history of it being a hospital, there is definitely a residential feel and a sense of community,” Allen Yaffe, Vice President, St. Louis Division said.

Sentry Management is a leader in managing homeowner associations and condominiums since 1975.

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