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Stonehenge Townhomes HOA Thank You

Our HOA Board agrees that Jeff Rowles has been a joy to work with. He is very responsive to our needs, follows up where and when needed, and has offered sage advice to our Board when needed. He advised us on implementing an amendment to our by-laws to deter investors and we were able to gain quick approval from our homeowners. Our homeowners often approach us with glowing praise for Jeff! Thank you for the continuity of our relationship and the ability to build our relationship with Jeff!

- PJ K

Lochwinds Thank You

Joe goes out of his way to make life easier for the Board of Directors for our HOA. Certainly don’t know what we’d do without him, work extra hard I guess, but we don’t have to! Worth every penny in my book.

- Pete L

Martinique Thank You

All the knowledge, words, actions, and commitments that we see with Gloria gives us a good and secure feeling about our community.
Gloria knows and understands. She listens. She gets back to us in a very timely manner.

- Joe S

Madison Place Thank You

Joe goes beyond the call of duty. He drives out to our community when needed and sometimes just to check that work was done right. He leads our HOA meetings because we have the trust in him and Sentry that we will get the issue taken care of in an expeditious manner at a fair price.

- Bruce M

Lochwinds Thank You

I don’t know how we’d do it without Joe!

- Peter l

Ridgefield Thank You

OH Lena you are the best!
Yes, I am happy to help. Please forward my information and thank you so much for all you have done for us, I really appreciate you.

- jyllian M

Martinique Thank You

I want to thank Gloria for the knowledge she provides. Her guidance is so appreciated among the community and the board. Thank you!

- Marco R

Londonderry Thank You

I would like to thank our Londonderry HOA Service Manager Gloria Nelson for the wonderful leadership and job she does with the limited resources our HOA funds provide. Our Londonderry townhomes are getting very old and need major work. She is doing the best she can with these limited resources.

Thank her for her outstanding job!

Angaza Laughinghouse and wife Nathanette Mayo

- Angaza L

Matinique Thank You

Wanted to thank Gloria for her guidance and cost cutting initiatives since becoming our community manager. Over the past couple off years we have been able to build our reserve fund and will be able to pay cash for some much needed paving… about 90K. Had it not been for a strong partnership i’m sure we would have had to do a special assessment to get this done. Thanks again

- Glenn R

Thank Your Community Manager

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