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Get your Management Price Per Unit

The number of residential units plays a part in our price quote but other factors are important too.   We need to understand what association responsibilities are spelled out in the documents because every set of documents are different. Minimally we need to know what common elements are included, extent of maintenance required and the level of services expected by homeowners.

Understand your Standard Services

Sentry’s full service contract includes:

Get a tenured Community Manager

Sentry has been in the community management business since 1975. Managers average 8+ years in tenure, one of the most experienced workforces in the industry.

Know if you have any Formal or Informal Relationships with Vendors

Sentry Management is solely a community management firm. We have no affiliations or ownership positions with any other business or service that may be purchased by an association.

Know how much and what types of Insurance Coverage your firm carries

Sentry carries worker’s compensation, employee practices, property, vehicle, fraud/theft, liability policies, including $3 million bond and $10 million in umbrella coverage. Sentry is willing to share our certificate of insurance, so boards can make ‘apples-to-apples’ comparisons.

Make sure all Fees and Costs will be fully disclosed

You will never be surprised by an additional charge that is not revealed in the contract. Nothing is vaguely written or open-ended in our standard agreement.

Know how you handle the Administration of Financial and Accounting Matters

Sentry’s designation as an Accredited Management Organization® (AMO®) causes us to have separate, specialized accounting, collections and accounts payable functions. It guarantees transparency and the utmost integrity in handling your community’s funds.

Know the Set-up Fee to transition to your company

We never charge a set-up fee for routine transitions.

Get a Proposal for Sentry Management Services

Simply provide us some basic information on this form, and someone will be contacting you to quickly gather the information to prepare a custom proposal.

Use the CommunityPro Portal as a Board Member

Using the Board Support portal is easy and intuitive. We provide a tutorial that will orient you to the software – click here to download the guide to use CommunityPro PORTAL as a board member.


About Sentry

The Sentry Management® history of creating outstanding communities for homeowners began in 1975. As a full-service community management company, Sentry delivers its individual service through a highly skilled professional group of community managers. Sentry has no owned or affiliated service companies, which means we always negotiate the best prices for your community.

Sentry has over 40 offices spanning 21 states, including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Sentry Management Trusted since 1975 logo

New National Offices

Offices established in thirteen additional states, including Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

New CommunityPro® Features

CommunityPro®, Sentry’s administrative system, is enhanced with a new features and an easy-to-use interface. “Board Room” is added for board members to have 24/7 online access to their community’s information and up-to-the-minute financial reports.

National Ranking

Sentry now ranks among the five largest national community association management firms.

New President

Bradley Pomp becomes President of Sentry.

Increase Florida Reach

Sentry offices in Florida increase to sixteen.

CommunityPro® PUBLIC Launched

CommunityPro® PUBLIC introduced to provide customizable website and applications for association use.

Nationwide Offices Opened

Offices established in five additional states including Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Increase Florida Reach

Seven additional offices established in Florida metro areas.

Florida Expansion

The first Florida division outside of Orlando was started in Kissimmee, followed by four additional offices in the State.

First Sentry Website

Corporate website ( was rolled out.

AMO® Certification

Sentry Management initially receives Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) Certification from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, damages nearly 700 associations managed by Sentry. The heroic response stretches company emergency response resources but strengthens company reputation for top-flight management services.

Georgia Expansion

First division outside of Florida was established in Atlanta, Georgia.

Welcomed the Computer-Age

The company began sharing time on a mainframe computer for financial accounting. It was the then "state of the art" IRIS 1000 operating system, which was later supplanted by a UNIX-based system.

Sentry Growing

By the end of the decade Sentry Management had grown to nearly 100 communities with 20 staff members.

Sentry Management Founded

Founded in Longwood, Florida by James W. Hart.

How to Choose a Management Company for Your Community

How to Choose a Management Company For Your Community

5 Tips to Being A Successful New Board Member

Sentry Management Top Workplaces USA Today

Sentry Management Named One of the Nation’s Top Workplaces of 2024 by USA Today

CommunityPro Portal

CommunityPro® is an easy way to make payments, access association documents, view account history, stay informed and more.