What’s a Community Manager?

A Community Manager is a tireless professional that has your community’s back. They are always thinking about making the HOAs and condos they support better. Keeping the business aspects of the association running smoothly is their job. They handle all of the day-to-day details so the volunteer Board’s work is manageable. On any given day they might deal with gate operations, or calling local vendors for bids on a project, double-checking invoices, to consulting with landscapers to make sure the new plants are installed. Community Managers are the face of the association to community residents, working to fulfill the needs of homeowners. Some people may call them a superhero; we call them your Sentry Community Manager. Heroically professional. Super dedicated.

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Thank Your Community Manager

We ask for this information in order to share your “thanks" with your community manager. Please know that your name will not be displayed. Thank you for taking the time!