Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this happening?

Homeowner feedback has informed us that making payments should be simple. Additionally, all types of payments should be able to be made on one website. To provide that level of convenience, since Sentry Management is neither a bank or credit card processing company, we needed to shift to a partnership with industry-leading systems and flexibility. That is why we are asking you to move to On this new site, besides recurring payments, you can also make a one-time payment via credit card or E-Check.

Who is RevoPay?

Sentry Management has partnered with RevoPay to be our payment processor. Utilizing advanced technology, RevoPay provides multiple payment channels through one simple experience. Sentry has gone from three providers (each requiring homeowners to establish different log-ins) to one easy-to-navigate site with one log-in for all payment types.

How do I make a payment?

A. You can make a one-time payment or schedule an Autopay by visiting
B. You may also make a payment over the phone by contacting – 888-786-6496

Is there a Fee?

Fees vary among payment options. You have a free option as well as some types of payment that have a fee. To view the convenience fee table and look at your options please visit

Are E-Checks still free?

Yes. There is no charge when you create a recurring account (no stop date) that automatically pays all fees when due. However, if you are only making a single payment by E-Check or you set up payments to stop on a particular date, a convenience fee will be charged. View all convenience fees for every payments type, please consult the fee table at For instructions on how to set up a free recurring E-Check payment, click here.

Can I use my Sentry CommunityPro PORTAL username and password to make a payment?

No. RevoPay is a partner with their own payment website—and is separate from our Sentry Management websites. Once you sign into, follow the prompts to select payment type. Remember, your 16-digit Account number(s), shown on your payment coupons, is required to complete any transaction.

Will I need my 16-digit account number to make a payment?

Your unique 16-digit account number (or numbers if you own multiple properties) is always associated with your payment and will make locating your account easier. If you do not remember your number(s), there is a “Find Me” function on the payment log-in page that will help you obtain your account information.

Must I create a username and password for each account?

Yes, if you have multiple accounts with separate account numbers, you will need to make an individual account for each of them. These accounts can be linked once established.

Can the username(s) be my email address?


Is there a preferred browser?

We are compatible with all browsers but we recommend using Google Chrome.

Should I have questions, how do I get help via phone or email?

1. Please visit our online User Guide here
2. If you still have questions or concerns you can contact RevoPay at 310-593-4833 option 2 or by email at

Can I access RevoPay from my mobile phone or other devices?

Yes! You can log onto on your mobile phone or tablet.

What is “QuickPay”?

QuickPay is an option that is available where you can make a payment without logging in. You only need your account number and credit card or bank account number to make a one-time payment.

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