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Sentry Boise Recognized as Top Performer

Sentry Management Boise

“The Boise Sentry Management office is committed to providing the best customer service to all of those we work with – Boards, homeowners, and our business partners. I am so proud of the Boise staff who are committed to Sentry’s core principle of being the best management company. To be recognized as the Top Performing Division in our region is truly an honor.  It’s a tribute to our experienced and dedicated staff.  And It’s icing on the cake to receive this recognition two years in a row,” Patricia Liddell, Sentry Boise Division Vice President explains.

The Boise, ID Sentry Management office was recently recognized as the Top Performing Division in their region for the second consecutive year. The staff received a visit from Sentry Management’s President, Bradley Pomp and Kregg Hale, Senior Vice President to celebrate the award.

The entire staff was taken out to lunch to celebrate this prestigious award and later enjoyed a team building evening of bowling.

Pat explains how her office was able to be top performing division two years running: “It truly is an honor to serve our communities and we appreciate the HOA Board members, homeowners and business partners that we work with every day.  Receiving this award two years in a row is directly related to the commitment of our experienced and dedicated staff,” she said.

“Enjoying time together in some light-hearted fun really helps us solidify as a team.  This team approach to community management helps to ensure that our customers get the best service for their community.  The Boise office is a professional and dedicated group of folks that are committed to those we work with every day – Boards, homeowners, business partners.  Receiving this Enterprise Award is something we are truly proud of … and for the second year in a row no less!” Pat concludes.

Sentry Management is a full-service community management company. Sentry’s business is the day-to-day operation of communities, homeowner associations, and condominiums. Sentry is accredited as an AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) by the Institute of Real Estate Management, providing independent evaluation that Sentry has one of the highest operating and financial standards in the industry. View our full list of services here: http://www.sentrymgt.com/for-association-boards/services/.

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