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Sentry Community Managers Help Savannah Communities Prepare for Storm

Sentry Helping Prepare for Storm

Sentry managers in the area reached out to homeowners and associations to ensure that precautions were taken to stay safe, and that homes were made ready for the storm.

Savannah, GA received a record 3 inches of snow during Winter Storm Grayson and Gov. Nathan Deal officially declared a state of emergency. Over 100,000 homes and businesses throughout the South were without power throughout the storm.

Local managers sent tips to residents for protecting their homes before the storm hit in order to prepare communities for the weather. They also informed residents of vendors available to assist in storm preparedness at reduced rates for elderly residents that would have a hard time making the preparations themselves.

“We wanted to make sure all residents were prepared for the storm, and that they knew there was assistance available if needed.” Nora Scheer, Divisional Manager of Savannah, GA said.

Sentry Management has been a leader in managing homeowner associations and condominiums since 1975.

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