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Sentry Management Appoints John Lambert to Vice President of Albuquerque-Santa Fe Division

John Lambert, vice President, Albuquerque Division

Sentry Management, Inc., a leader in homeowner association and condominium management, appointed John Lambert as Vice President of Albuquerque-Santa Fe Division. John has been with Sentry Management for nearly two years and in the New Mexico office since early 2019. He has been in the community association management industry for ten years, including serving as Community Manager for several large associations. John previously had a successful 10-year career in engineering management.

For nearly seven years, John served on the Board of Supervisors for a 900-acre master planned community and also on the Board of 90,000-customer water, wastewater and reclaimed water services district. As head of his consulting firm, John concentrated on providing quality training, process development, and continuous improvement. Earlier in his career, he worked for two industrial companies as an engineer managing staffs of up to 100 mechanical, electrical, industrial engineers, and support personnel along with the indirect supervision of over 40 engineers.

“John believes that the needs of each association we manage are as different as the people that live there and we must treat each Board as unique. That flexibility is the foundation of his outstanding customer focus,” says Bradley Pomp, President of Sentry Management. “With the knowledgeable and experienced team in Albuquerque and John’s capable leadership, we will be able to take Sentry’s level of support to the next level.”

“Our goal is to assist Boards of Directors in the day-to-day governance of the association to enhance property values and create a sense of home,” says Lambert. “I am looking forward to working with more communities that are looking for our higher level of service.”

The Sentry Albuquerque office is located at 7770 Jefferson St. NE, Suite 102 Albuquerque, NM 87109.

The phone number is 505-323-7600. To learn more, go to https://Albuquerque.SentryMgt.com.

Sentry Management is a full-service community management company. Sentry’s business is the day-to-day operation of communities, homeowner associations, and condominiums. Sentry is accredited as an AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) by the Institute of Real Estate Management, providing an independent evaluation that Sentry has one of the highest operating and financial standards in the industry. Sentry operates in dozens of localities in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.



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