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Sentry Management Nashville “Finds Their OAR”

Sentry Management Nashville

In Sentry Management’s Nashville office, leaders and employees alike are working to “find their OAR.” Dedicated to office- and community-wide themes of organization, accountability, and results, this symbolic acronym is a building block of motivational aspiration for successful team-building skills and results.  

OAR stands for:  

  • Organization: A commitment to organization principles and promises with the flexibility to pivot whenever asked to.  
  • Accountability: A commitment to accountability and holding one another accountable, no matter the time or title within the organization.  
  • Results: A commitment to positive results for the organization and the communities we serve.

Created to cultivate an impactful community association management culture, the OAR concept works to motivate employees to use their talent for the betterment of the associations they serve. With OAR, this inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and encourages open communication will inspire more individuals to participate in activities, serve on committees, and provide valuable input on decision-making processes in their associations. 

As seen in the accompanying pictures, Nashville leaders and employees have implemented a physical and symbolic team OAR.  Kristan Ward, the Division President of Sentry Management Nashville, details how her team’s communal OAR has impacted their commitment to success: “For us, the oar has had an incredibly positive impact on our team and culture. Our belief that it takes each of us, holding our oar, rowing in the same direction, to get to our end destination, collectively, continues to keep us focused on providing the best results to our organization and clients”. 

All Nashville employees have signed on to “team OAR” and its accompanying principles for a total commitment to Sentry’s reputable and quality community management services.  Sentry Management Nashville

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