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Sentry Raleigh Staff Hand Out Travel Items to Military Service Members at Local Airport

Raleigh Airport

As a part of a humanitarian project, Sentry staff members from the Raleigh, NC office stuffed gift bags with various items including, eyeglass wipes, candy, and other snacks for over 100 military service members that were passing through the local Raleigh/Durham airport as a part of the Sentry SMILES program.

The service members were passing through the airport, headed to various forts to report for duty. Several people were present during the drop off including family members seeing their loved ones off, spouses, and members of the USO, a volunteer organization that supports local military service members and their families.

Local Sentry Community Association Manager, Gloria Nelson explains what being a part of this project meant to her, “When you come outside yourself to be of service to others, it is an amazing feeling of giving, helping, and being a blessing to others. The USO is a wonderful organization dedicated to the service of our soldiers that are going off to different parts of the world. It was an honor to be a part of this project.”

This volunteer event and many others are supported by the Sentry SMILES program, which is a program funded by the company and its employees who opt to donate portions of their paychecks to give back to community members in need. The SMILES program encourages employees to contribute to local charities within their communities. Over 100 local charities and causes are supported by the employees of Sentry offices in 16 different states.

If you are interested in volunteering for the USO, you can find more information about the organization and volunteer opportunities by visiting their website here:

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