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6 Tips to Prevent Delivery Package Theft

  • Request notifications on your deliveries, via phone, text message or email. Monitor your packages in transit and upon delivery.
  • Always require a signature on your deliveries to ensure packages are never left unattended.
  • Consider sending deliveries to an alternate location where someone will be able to receive them, or to the shipping companies pick up location/Post Office.
  • Schedule your deliveries for a date and time when you’re expected to be home.
  • Set up a vacation hold if you plan on traveling during the holidays so gifts will not be left on the doorstep.
  • Call your local police department if you should become a “porch pirate” victim.
Collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies

Establish open lines of communication with local municipalities and law enforcement personnel and actively report any issues. They can assist with street light outages to ensure the community is well lit to avoid problems and they can keep you informed of criminal activity in the area. The association may need local police and law enforcement agencies to provide security patrols based on local criminal activity. Each board member should know the procedures for contacting emergency personnel in case of emergencies or security issues.

Establish a Close-Knit Community

Encourage residents to look out for each other and develop a supportive community. A friendly neighborhood tends to look after each other, and reports to the proper authorities whenever they notice any suspicious activity. Your neighbors could be your best defense against theft and other criminal activity in the area.

A well-managed Neighborhood Watch program is an important part of maintaining a safe and secure community. Consider actively recruiting volunteers and hold informational meetings and special events focusing on community safety.

Provide Safety Tips to the Community

Keeping your community informed about potential threats, like porch pirates, lets your residents know that you are actively involved in keeping your community safe and protected.  In today’s environment, the best ways to reach your residents is through email, electronic community newsletters or a mobile app. Encourage owners to sign up for email alerts so you can keep them informed. Your Sentry Management Community Manager can assist with sending email updates to homeowners who have opted to receive emails in our system. Your manager can also connect you to our business partners who can assist with generating a professional newsletter for your community, or implementing the Sentry CommunityAPP™ that will alert residents of changes within the community.

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