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Implementing Online Board Meetings

To provide safeguards for Board and community members, Sentry Management would like to suggest you consider conducting association meetings online, in place of in-person meetings, for the immediate future. GoToMeeting is a service that Sentry Management uses for computer and smart device meetings, and all our Community Managers have access to use this online service....

Sentry’s COVID-19 Response

Sentry Management is honored to manage your association, and we will continue to support the operations of your community through this challenging time.  As COVID-19 continues to spread, our thoughts go out to anyone who has been infected or impacted. I hope that you, your family, friends, and neighbors are safe and well and are...

Office Access Changes

Due to COVID-19, most Sentry Management employees are working remotely, away from our offices, to support every Association. Starting on March 17, 2020, Sentry offices are locked, to provide the safest possible work environment in order to protect the health of the remaining staff handling the phones, and performing necessary in-office work. If you need...

Community Projects for Cooler Seasons

With winter quickly approaching it is a good time to ensure your community is prepared for the cold weather. Timing for community projects is crucial, so you don’t experience something like a pool closed down in July to have a pool deck refinished. During the Fall and winter seasons, here are a few projects to...

Volunteer Committees Can Benefit Associations

Volunteer committees can serve an important role in effectively governing an Association. There are several different types of committees that each fulfills a different purpose in the community. A committee can either be standing or ad hoc. A standing committee is permanent, while an ad hoc committee is temporarily formed to accomplish a specific task....

Community Disaster Plan

Every community could be affected by a natural disaster and should have a Community Disaster Plan in place. This guide includes helpful tips compiled from community association industry professionals to assist in developing your Association’s customized disaster plan. A well-designed disaster plan includes safeguards against future risk and minimizes economic and property loss. Click Here...

Three practical lessons to make EVERY board meeting productive.

There is a lot written about the mechanics of meetings, like notice requirement, quorums, using parliamentary procedure, delivering committee reports and handling open forums. Our experience shows three practical techniques to create an effective meeting. Guide, not control the meeting, by sticking to the agenda and limiting ancillary discussion of topics. Schedule time allotments for...

6 Tips to Prevent Delivery Package Theft

Request notifications on your deliveries, via phone, text message or email. Monitor your packages in transit and upon delivery. Always require a signature on your deliveries to ensure packages are never left unattended. Consider sending deliveries to an alternate location where someone will be able to receive them, or to the shipping companies pick up...

CommunityPro Portal

Compliance, financials, administration, communication… These are just a few of the issues board members volunteer their time to manage. However, with the right tools and management company, board members don’t have to be overwhelmed. The Sentry Management Family of TECHNOLOGY.  Services are designed to offer homeowners’ associations and their boards the resources needed to easily...

Tips for Running Effective Annual Meetings

Your Annual Meeting or Annual Members Meeting is more than just a normal meeting. This meeting is required by law for every corporate entity, even if considered a “non-profit” corporation, and following the particular rules of these meetings is very important. All annual meetings are guided  according to bylaws or statute for not-for-profit corporate act...

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Office Access Changes

Due to COVID-19, most Sentry Management employees are working remotely, away from our offices, to support every Association.


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Implementing Online Board Meetings

To provide safeguards for Board and community members, we would like to suggest conducting meetings online for the immediate future.

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Sentrye's Covid-19 Response

Sentry’s COVID-19 Response

At Sentry, our highest priority is the safety of our employees and our communities.

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CommunityPro Portal

CommunityPro® is an easy way to make payments, access association documents, view account history, stay informed and more.

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