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Tips for Running Effective Annual Meetings

Your Annual Meeting or Annual Members Meeting is more than just a normal meeting. This meeting is required by law for every corporate entity, even if considered a “non-profit” corporation, and following the particular rules of these meetings is very important. All annual meetings are guided  according to bylaws or statute for not-for-profit corporate act...

Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Disaster Preparedness… Proactive Not Reactive There is always the possibility that a disaster may affect your community.  Whether it be a tornado, a flood, a hurricane, snowstorm, duststorm or human related disasters, it is better to have a plan to handle it before it happens than to react after it happens. Many Boards of Directors...

Developing Pet & Service Animal Policies

One of the toughest issues for homeowner associations and condo associations is how to handle pet policies. Before you can establish policies, you should understand the differences between “common household pets” and “service animals” (also known as “assistance animals” or sometimes “therapy pets”.) Pet Policies For common household pets, the associations can develop their own...

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How to Choose a Management Company for Your Community

How to Choose a Management Company For Your Community

5 Tips to Being A Successful New Board Member

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Sentry Management Named One of the Nation’s Top Workplaces of 2024 by USA Today

CommunityPro Portal

CommunityPro® is an easy way to make payments, access association documents, view account history, stay informed and more.