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Community Projects for Cooler Seasons

Community association projects for HOAs or condos during the winter

With winter quickly approaching it is a good time to ensure your community is prepared for the cold weather.

Timing for community projects is crucial, so you don’t experience something like a pool closed down in July to have a pool deck refinished. During the Fall and winter seasons, here are a few projects to start thinking about:

  • Pool work- anything from pool white coat and tile work, to deck resurfacing
  • Pool furniture- replace furniture or re-strap chairs
  • Pressure washing- vendors may charge less when they aren’t as busy so consider having buildings pressure washed in the winter months
  • Landscaping- cooler months are not as busy for landscapers and may be willing to do extra pruning and tree trimming for no extra charge
  • Clean out rain gutters of clubhouses and encourage homeowners to do the same
  • Remove damaged trees or loose limbs that are overhanging your roof or gutters

Winterizing your Community

In addition to planning your projects, it’s time to think about prepping your community for the cooler months. Based on where you are located in the country- Des Moines, Denver, Albany, or Albuquerque, you’ll find good advice on the following list of preparation tips:

  • Freeze Protection- ensure that pipes and lines for your common areas are ready for the freezing temperatures
  • Drinking fountains may need to be drained or covered to prevent line breaks
  • Riser Rooms- inspect heaters and perform routine maintenance
  • Dry fire system- empty the auxiliary drains to avoid freezing
  • Snow removal- update your snow removal contract and check your inventory of shovels and salt
  • Exterior spigots should be turned off (including removal of any hoses or attachments) to prevent freezing/burst pipes
  • Maintain heat- at a minimum of 62 degrees at all times to prevent frozen pipes
  • Gas meters and exhaust vents should be kept clear of any obstruction for proper ventilation
  • Prepare flower beds for the cooler weather, perhaps by adding additional mulch
  • Be aware of vacant units (particularly in condominiums) and be sure that the owner has taken the appropriate precautions to avoid freezing pipes

Plan now, so when cooler weather hits, you are prepared for the clean-up and your community is safe for all residents. Time spent on projects and preventative maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in damages.

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