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Frequently Asked Questions for Board Members

Frequently Asked Association Board

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a challenging time for our country and the communities we all call home. Over the last two months, our normal has completely changed. The Boards and the communities they oversee is no exception. Our team at Sentry Management is working to provide information and support along the way to help navigate the particularly unique challenges faced in the last few months, and in the months to come.

The document touches on various topics including meeting logistics, communication plans, amenity restrictions, and more. We hope that Board Members will use the FAQ reference tool when considering any decisions or actions that need to be made. Many situations as it relates to this FAQ may be considered delicate matters. The document is not meant to substitute legal advice, and we highly recommend consulting legal counsel whenever there is a question as to the proper actions to take.

We invite you to download a copy of the COVID-19 FAQ document below.

COVID-19 FAQ Downloadable PDF

As always, please reach out to your Community Manager for additional support. Sentry is committed to staying up to date on the effects of COVID-19 on associations. We will continue to publish valuable information and guidance on best practices for navigating these unprecedented times.

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