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Is a Lifestyle Committee Right for Your Community?

Lifestyle Committees

While one of the primary focuses of the board of directors of an association may be the management of community common areas and their amenities, an equally important secondary focus for community preservation also requires board member attention: resident lifestyle. Now more than ever, communities, residents, and their boards are looking for ways to connect, build stronger relationships, and enhance the overall enjoyment of association residents. This is where dedicated committees, such as lifestyle committees, can help boards improve resident satisfaction in their community! 

What is a lifestyle committee? A lifestyle committee is a committee created to focus on the preservation of community relations and residential quality of life.  Operating as an extension of the board, a lifestyle committee is also a platform where community members can voice their opinions, feedback, and input for many community events and initiatives- and see them come to life.  

But is a lifestyle committee right for your community? Here are four compelling reasons why incorporating a lifestyle committee should be a priority at your next board meeting: 

  • They Help Build a Sense of Community: Lifestyle committees help to form resident events such as block parties, holiday gatherings, and community service engagement opportunities. These activities provide opportunities for residents to connect and engage, fostering a true sense of community within the association. 
  • Enhanced Residential Quality of Life: Lifestyle committees provide a sense of community and uphold a new standard of residential living. Through a diverse list of activities – such as fitness or cooking classes, book clubs, movie nights, and more – residents find an active, healthy, and engaged community lifestyle can help enhance their quality of life. 
  • Property Values: An engaged, thriving, and active community is a sought-after commodity that not all homeowners have in their associations. Many prospective residents often find these well-maintained and active associations provide a more enriching homeowner and resident experience, thereby increasing their property values and a positive community reputation.
  • Residential Engagement: A lifestyle committee can provide a platform for residents to voice their opinions, concerns, and feedback for their community. A lifestyle committee can help ensure that the community’s needs and preferences are addressed by organizing regular town hall meetings for community feedback. Not only does this help to build trust between residents and the association board, but it can also help lead to more effective future decision-making. A lifestyle committee will ensure residents remain engaged in the association’s governance and organizational processes.  

Before establishing a lifestyle committee within the community, the board should define its responsibilities and scope, ensuring it will operate effectively and is accountable for its actions. The board should seek out participating community volunteers via newsletters, community notice boards, association websites, or word-of-mouth. Once the committee is formed, the board should assist in establishing a committee structure by selecting a chair or president.   

In essence, a lifestyle committee is indispensable for a thriving community association. By fostering community spirit, enhancing the quality of life, increasing property values, and providing a platform for resident feedback, these committees create a vibrant and engaged community for all residents to enjoy! 

Is a lifestyle committee right for your community? 

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