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Boise HOA Management Industry Partners

“Sentry Management is one of the most reputable Property Management firms I have had the pleasure of working with. Their staff is extremely professional and dedicated. They are committed to both their clients and vendors at the highest level. Their professionalism has greatly impacted the success of our organizations.”

– Brendan Smedick

Summer Lawns, Inc.

“Working with Sentry Management, specifically Christian Brockl, has been wonderful. We continue to have a great working relationship and, as a vendor, we are always paid expeditiously which is of course, important to us.  When we get the call, we always prioritize jobs for Sentry simply because we know we’ll get fast answers and great treatment.  Thank You for selecting us as one of your many vendors and thanks for treating us with great respect.”

– Tracey Walcott

Mountain West Management Group, LLC

“I have really enjoyed working with the experienced staff at Sentry Management. They have always followed through for me and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Sentry to anyone seeking a professional management company.”

– John Bertulis

Cutting Edge Landscape

Over the past year and a half, I have done repairs and painting projects for Sentry Management on various properties in the Treasure Valley. From the very first, the management personnel at Sentry’s Boise office have been a pleasure to work with and have been open, honest and willing to work together to achieve timely completion of projects and timely payment of my invoices for work performed.

– James L. Loobey

JL Painting & Remodeling

“I have been involved in the landscape maintenance of HOAs for 15 years. Working with Rob Mattison and the team from Sentry Management makes my job easier. They understand the effort it takes to maintain the landscape to the high standards their customers expect. I do not have to explain every detail of what we do for them to pass the information on the community’s Board. This saves time and money for all involved. I enjoy working with them and highly recommend them.”

– Joe Gruber

Franz Witte Contracting Inc.

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