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Robert’s Rules of Conduct: A Cheat Sheet for Great Meetings

The key to great meetings? Good communication!

Oftentimes, good communication can be hard to come by in meetings. Without well-defined meeting structures and guidelines, meetings can easily become chaotic and unproductive, hindering effective decision-making and productive agenda discussions. With a structured framework of participation, inclusion, and collaboration, productive board meetings will focus on what is important: the good of the community.

Looking to streamline your next board meeting? Unsure of how to create structured guidelines for productive meetings? Whether your community is in need of transparent board meetings or effective implementation of board meeting agendas, Robert’s Rules of Conduct could be a useful tool – and cheat sheet! – for productive meetings and board discussions.

What is ‘Robert’s Rules of Conduct’?

Robert’s Rules of Conduct is a set of guidelines that provide a structured framework for conducting meetings and making decisions. Developed by General Henry M. Robert, these rules offer a comprehensive system to ensure orderly and fair proceedings in various organizational settings, including community gatherings, association meetings, and board discussions. The rules establish a clear hierarchy for discussions, motions, amendments, and voting, allowing for a balanced and inclusive decision-making process.

Why Should Your Board Utilize Robert’s Rules at the Next Meeting?

Through established motions, amendments, and voting procedures, Robert’s Rules will enable your board to engage in meaningful discussions, respect diverse viewpoints, and ultimately arrive at well-informed decisions that reflect the group’s collective will. This framework promotes transparency, efficiency, and accountability, enabling the board to navigate complex discussions and effectively govern its affairs.

By incorporating Robert’s Rules at your next board meeting, your board can ensure the meeting is structured with diverse viewpoints, encourages active participation, and leads to streamlined decisions. Utilizing these rules will enhance the efficiency and transparency of your board meeting and reinforce a culture of fairness, collaboration, and accountability amongst board members. Adopting Robert’s Rules sets the stage for a successful and inclusive meeting that reflects the values of effective governance and promotes the community’s collective well-being!


Are you ready to elevate your meetings to new heights? Ready to ensure every voice is heard at your next meeting? Looking to help your community or association thrive? Click HERE for more information about Robert’s Rules and an excerpt cheat sheet from Cornell University.

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