What is CommunityPro®?

CommunityPro® is a private and password-protected portal for each Sentry-managed community. After logging into the portal, homeowners can access their individual information, pay assessments, review their account status, access governing documents and regulations, and stay informed.

How do I create a CommunityPro® account?

If you have not yet signed up for an account, select “New User Registration” on the CommunityPro® login page here. If you need help registering, you can view our tutorial here.

My community just changed to Sentry Management. Do I need to change the way I make my HOA payments?

Yes. If you have automatic payments or bill pay set up with your community’s former management service, you will need to cancel future payments and set up payments with Sentry Management instead. Once you receive your payment coupons from Sentry Management, you will have the necessary information to change the automatic payment information with your...

What if I already sent in the payment for the current month or paid in advance?

Your previous management company will provide Sentry with a ledger card for each homeowner. If advance payments have been made, those will be reflected in the ledger.

What type of payments are accepted by Sentry?

Sentry provides homeowners with many ways to pay, including eCheck transactions, check payments via mail or in-person, credit or debit card payments, or payment by phone. Transaction fees may apply depending on the payment method you select. Click to view and compare available payment methods.

When will I receive my coupons?

Coupon booklets will be mailed out as soon as Sentry Management receives all of the homeowner information from your association or from your association’s previous management company.  Please call customer service at 800-932-6636 and select option 3 if you have not received your coupons by the 15th of the first month.

How do I reach my local Sentry office or my community manager?

When Sentry Management is hired by your community, or when you purchase a home in a community managed by Sentry, you will receive a welcome letter in the mail that accompanies your coupon books. This letter will include contact information for your local office and community manager. You can also find your community manager’s contact...

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CommunityPro Portal

CommunityPro® is an easy way to make payments, access association documents, view account history, stay informed and more.