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Sentry Raleigh Community Manager Receives Message from Local Board Member


Sentry Community Association Manager, Jeff Rowles recently received a message of appreciation from a Thornton Town Place Community, Board member.

The message read, “I’m contacting you to express my appreciation, in choosing Jeff to manage our community. Since being placed over Thornton Town Place Community, he has been a breath of fresh air and is doing an awesome job. He is easy to communicate with, and handles whatever the issue is, in a timely matter.”

Jeff has 11 years’ experience in the property management field. He has experience managing single family homes, townhomes, and condos. Jeff also serves on his HOA board for the community that he lives in.

The message goes on to say “He is quick to respond to my calls or email, and for that, I’m truly grateful. He hasn’t made me feel as if I’m a bother, like previous managers. So, for that, I want to say thank-you and Jeff for all of your services to our community.”

“I prefer to look at the positive things I can help my communities accomplish. I take great pleasure in helping people. I am able to help a Board of directors navigate a complex mix of document interpretation, competing Board member and/or homeowner interests, the reality of the financial health of the Association and the ability to do what is being asked given the funds that are available and I try to do it all with a smile,” Jeff explains.

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