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Sentry St. Charles Staff Receives Positive Feedback from Association Poll

Homeowner Association Survey

The Sherman Park homeowner association in St. Charles, MO recently took a poll concerning a wide array of topics, including their satisfaction level with Sentry Management, their current association management company.

The final question on the poll was concerning how Sentry compared to the community’s previous management company, and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

The poll concluded that 96% of condo owners that responded were in favor of keeping Sentry as the management company.

In a community newsletter, the association was quoted saying: “Based on the overwhelming support of the community, we are going to concentrate on continuing to get the best price and service out of our management company, Sentry.”

Sentry Management is a full-service community management company. Sentry’s business is the day-to-day operation of communities, homeowner associations, and condominiums. Sentry is accredited as an AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) by the Institute of Real Estate Management, providing independent evaluation that Sentry has one of the highest operating and financial standards in the industry. View our full list of services here: http://www.sentrymgt.com/for-association-boards/services/.

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