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Sentry President Bradley Pomp Named CEO of the Year Winner by the Orlando Business Journal

Bradley Pomp was named a winner in the Orlando Business Journal’s 2020 CEOs of the Year awards for the work he has done in the last three years as President of Sentry Management. Sentry Management, Inc. is one of the oldest condominium and homeowner association management companies in the United States, founded in 1975 in...

Albuquerque Vice President Receives Note from Board President

Sentry Management Vice President of the Albuquerque office, John Lambert received a note from the Villa Sonata HOA Board President regarding the level of service the office provides. The note read, “Thank you so much, John, for your guidance and efforts in our community. I certainly appreciate it! I’m grateful we had a company like...

Albuquerque Holds Association Board Member Workshop

The Sentry Management Albuquerque office held its first HOA and Condo Board Member Workshop of the year and had a full room of new and current Board members in attendance. The Shadow Hills Homeowner Association Board President was in attendance and had this to say, “Thank you for the Workshop yesterday. It was a wealth...

Sentry Nashville Office Donate Items to Help with Disaster Relief

The Sentry Management Nashville office donated several items including water, trash bags and cleaning supplies to the Community Resource Center to help local families who were affected by the recent tornadoes that touched down in Middle Tennessee. There are several ways to help if you are in the Nashville area: Volunteer:  If you’d like to...

Savannah Division Volunteers with “A Place to Dream” Charity

Sentry Management Division Manager, Joye Jones had the opportunity to meet Mayor Van Johnson during “A Place to Dream” volunteer event. The Savannah office delivered 28 beds to children in the community who were previously sleeping on floors, and couches. A Place to Dream is a program that was started by the YMCA of Coastal...

Raleigh Community Manager Receives Praise from Condominium Board Vice President

Sentry Community Manager, Gloria N. from the Raleigh N.C. office received a note from the Martinique Condominiums Board Vice President. The message read, “Gloria our Community Manager has accomplished many beneficial projects in her time here but the most recent is to install a beautiful new fence along our lengthy front border.  Gloria did her...

Tavares Community Association Manager Mentioned in Publication

Sentry Management Community Manager, Matt W. from the Tavares office was recently mentioned in the Country Club of Mount Dora Association newsletter in an excerpt written by the Association Board President. The section read, “We are currently blessed with a skilled and dedicated HOA Manager in Matt W. Good managers are the glue that keeps...

Boise Community Manager Receives Thank-You Note from Board Member

Sentry Management Community Manager, Shirley T. received a glowing review from a local HOA Board member from the EchoHawk Estates community, Elizabeth K. The message read, “I would like to commend Shirley Tarantino for outstanding service to the community of EchoHawk Estates.  I have lived in this subdivision for five years, three of which I...

Kansas City Office Hosts Board Appreciation and Education Night

The Sentry Management Kansas City office hosted an appreciation and education night that had close to 70 HOA and condominium Board members in attendance. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from Sentry Management President, Bradley Pomp and Kansas City Vice President, Jim Tiehen. IT Business Analyst, Michelle Sebren gave an overview of Sentry’s proprietary software,...

Des Moines Community Manager Wins Award for Idea

Sentry Management Community Association Manager, Hannah H. from the Des Moines office was the Idea Award winner for the 4th quarter of the year. Hannah had the idea to have economic and historical financial data available in CommunityPro® and available to be used on a large scale, across the entire company, to better prepare budgets...

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Office Access Changes

Due to COVID-19, most Sentry Management employees are working remotely, away from our offices, to support every Association.


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Implementing Online Board Meetings

To provide safeguards for Board and community members, we would like to suggest conducting meetings online for the immediate future.

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Sentrye's Covid-19 Response

Sentry’s COVID-19 Response

At Sentry, our highest priority is the safety of our employees and our communities.

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