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Sentry Management Communities College Newsletter ArchivesThe Community Builder is a newsletter prepared exclusively for Board Members of associations managed by Sentry Management. Each edition focuses on timely topics relating to association management and the role Boards have in the governance of their community. The information is intended to help you be more productive and effective as a Board.

Board Education & Strategy

6 Tips for Finding Board Members
Board Evaluation, Board Improvement, Committee Members
Annual Community Calendars – A Strong Start to a New Year!
Yearly Tasks, Association Calendar, Administrative Tasks
Association Terminology
Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Articles, Charter, Terminology, Quorum, Board Members, Board Tips
Board Member Eligibility
Registered Agent, Board Member Eligibility, Board Member Removal, Performance of Duties, D&O Insurance
Board Planning for Associations
Association Goals, Board Planning, Association Procedures, New Board Members
Board Project Management
Board Challenges, Board Tasks, Project Management
Code of Ethics for Community Association Management Companies
Management company code of ethics, Governing principles, Management services
Committee Work: Cultivating Volunteers
Volunteer, Board Members, Committee work, Delegation, Board recruiting
Committees of the Association
Committee volunteers, Board duties, Committee appointments, Committee reports, Committee work, volunteers, Board member responsibilities
Common Areas
Common Areas, Plat Map, Subdivision, Parcels, Association
Common Issues Faced by New Board Members
New Board Members, On Boarding Issues, Board Members, Board Education
Common Pitfalls of Inexperienced Board Members
Board Members, Common Board Issues, Association Documents, Declaration, Articles, By-laws
Community Pro… Helping Us, Help You
Financial Information, Technology, Board Room, Software, Community Management Functions
Community Projects… Are You Putting the Cart Before the Horse?
Community Projects, Fiduciary Duty, Vendor Contracts, Project Completion, Final Contract Terms
Congratulations! You’ve been elected to the Board of Directors. Now what?
Board Roles, New Board Member, Fiduciary Responsibility, Committees
Core Values
Core Values, Board Education, Board Planning
Do Your Homework Before Starting the Bid Process
Bidding Process, Community Project, Vendors
Don’t Do It- Don’t Start Work with a Vendor Without a Signed Contract in Place
Vendor Contracts, Insured Contractors, Attorney Review
Duties and Responsibilities of a Board Member
Board Member Responsibilities, Board Member Roles, Elected Board Member, Officer of the Association
Dynamics of a Board
Board Members, Board Book, Meeting Productivity, Policy and Procedures
Electric Vehicle Charging and Community Associations
Board Education, Electric Vehicle, Homeowner Planning
Expectations – The Foundations for Success
Expectations, Board Education, Board Planning
FHA Approval Process
FHA Approval Process, Special Assessments, FHA Requirements, Building Reserves
FHA Project Approval – Why is it Something to Consider?
FHA, Project Approval, CAI, FHA Condominium Guidelines, Financial, Lending
Fiduciary Responsibility
Fiduciary, Duties, Law of Fiduciary, Funding Reserves, Financial
Homeowners Associations: The Concept
Homeowner Association, Condominium Associations, Association Board Meetings, Community Regulations
How Boards Get in Trouble
Board Members, Fiduciary Duty, Board of Directors, Legal Responsibility
Improve Your Board’s Productivity Through the Use of Committees
Charter, Ad Hoc, Standing, Productivity
Lifestyle Committees
Lifestyle, Board Committee, Homeowner Lifestyle
Neighbor on Neighbor Harassment
Neighborhood Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Community Conflict, Board Education
New Board Member Guidelines
Registered Agent, Corporations, Bylaws, Officers, Breaches in Trust, Fraud, Negligence
New Board Members? Set the Stage for Success!
Communication, New Board Members, Onboarding
On Boarding a New Board Member
New Board Member, Board Introduction, Board Education
Operational Transparency… Let the Members See
Transparent Association, Board Responsibilities, Regulations, Board Communication, Posting Minutes
Preparing the Board for Success
Board Education, Board Planning, Board Success
Principles for Community Leaders
Community Leaders, CAI, Board of Directors, Code of Ethics, Election Process
Property Manager vs Community Manager – Is There a Difference?
Property Manager, Community Manager, Community Management, Board Education
Signs of a Healthy Association
Associations, Community, Board Education
Specifications… The Key to Good Bids
Bids, Capital Expenditure, Contractors, Competitive Bidding, Contracts
The Corporate Veil – Is It Applicable to You?
Association Legal Counsel, Representation, Officer Protection, Officer Benefits
The Importance of Community Volunteers
Committee Members, Reasons to Volunteer, Community Goals, Volunteer Support
The Language of an Association
Association Vocabulary, New Board Members, Common Terms, Education
The Relationship Between the Board and Management
Board Management, Community Management, Board Education
Tips for Effective Boards
Financial Statements, Routine Operations, Annual Budget
To Committee or Not to Committee… That is the Question!
Committee Volunteers, Committee Appointments, Committee Board Meetings, Committee Reports, Volunteer
Traits of Great Board Members
Board Members, Great Meetings, Board Education
Unexpected Board Member Resignations
Board Resignations, Board Vacancies, Expiring Terms, Early Resignations, Annual Orientation, Board Stability
Volunteer or Indentured Board Member
Board Members, Board Communication, Homeowners Associations, Board Acknowledgements, Volunteer
Welcoming New Board Members
New Member Education, Board Education, Board Certification, Board Member Orientation, Board Training
What is a Board Member’s Fiduciary Responsibility and What Does It Mean?
Board members, Fiduciary, Board management, Board member duties, Board responsibilities
What is the Fiduciary Responsibility of a Board member?
Fiduciary Duty, Board of Directors, Effective Business Management, Good Management Practices
Why is a Strategic Plan Important to Your Association?
Board Planning, Implementing Plans, Actionable Items
Zoning, Legal Descriptions and More
Plat, Subdivision, Legal Descriptions, Zoning Board, City Council, Designation of Roads, Zoning Regulations

Community Maintenance

7 Tips for Fostering Successful Vendor Relationships
Vendor Relationships, Vendor, Community Management, Community Maintenance
Building Maintenance: Mold Remediation
Mold remediation, Building maintenance, Ventilation, Mold assessment
Building Value by Preventive Maintenance
Landscaping, Building components, Component list, Maintenance, committee, Insurance agent
Cold Weather -Winter Projects
Seasonal Maintenance, Community Projects, Preventitive Maintenance, Project Planning
Community Maintenance: Dealing with Graffiti
Maintenance, Community, Common Areas, Prevention
Community Maintenance: Tips on Painting Your Community
Community Maintenance, Paint Project, Paint Blistering
Conservation Tips for Keeping Water Clean
Water Conservation, Clean Community, Community Care
Conserve Your Water, Reduce Your Utility Bill
Native Plants, Drought Resistant, Irrigation, Eliminating Leaks
Energy Conservation – Saving the Association Money
Energy Conservation, Association Utility Bill, Utility Usage, Utility Audit, Going Green, Bills, Money Saving
Energy Conservation Technology
Green Movement, Electric Cars, Technology, Solar Chargers, EVCE
Going Green Series: Save Money and Save Energy?
Energy Conservation, Environment Protection, Energy Department, Condominium Buildings, Energy Star Quality, Money Saving Tips
Going Green Series: Saving Water
Water Conservation, Community Care, Irrigation System, Rain sensors, Soil Moisture Sensors, Money Saving Tips, Energy Conservation
Going Green… Pond Management
Community Management, Storm Water Management, Preventative Maintenance, Common Areas
Keys to Selecting the Proper Roof
Roofing, Warranty, Capital Item, Roofing Material, Roofing Contractors
Mold Remediation for Condominiums
Mold Remediation, HVAC Specialist, Condominium Insurance Policy, Insurance Claim, Water Intrusion
Outdoor Water Conservation Tips
Water Conservation, Clean Community, Community Care
Prepare for Winter – Batten Down the Hatches
Preparation, Landscaping, Grass Aeration
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance, CommunityPro, Maintenance, Community Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance: Common Areas
Maintenance, Annual Maintenance, Inspection, Common Areas, Energy Efficiency
Preventive Maintenance: Annual Maintenance Review
Annual Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Review, Roofs
Preventive Maintenance: Capital Improvements
Maintenance, Action Items, Capital Improvements, Job Bidding, Contract
Retention Ponds
Community Maintenance, Retention Ponds, Preventative Maintenance
The Matrix – Maintenance Responsibility
Maintenance, Community Maintenance, Common Areas

Community Relations

Association Communication – A Community Necessity
Community Associations, Association Communication, Community Information
Balancing Fiduciary Responsibility with Neighborly Compassion
Fiduciary Responsibility, Governing Documents, Board Guidance
Building Community Relationships Through Good Rules Enforcement
Community Relations, Relations, Rule Enforcement, Building Community
Communicating to a Diverse Group of Homeowners
Social Media, Newsletter, Technology, Communication Tips
Communicating with Your Community
Community Communication, Newsletter, Welcome Letter, ARC Guidelines, Community Directory
Community Association Communication
Community Association, Association Communication, Newsletters
Community Living: Serving Your Community
Homeowners Association, Governing Board, Serving Community, Community Life
Community Marketability… It’s Not Just Home Pricing
Community marketability, Community business, Home value, Maintaining community,
Education and Communicating with Homeowners Makes the Board’s Job Easier
Homeowner Communication, Violations Process, Fostering Neighborliness
Homeowner Satisfaction
Homeowners, Resident Satisfaction, Community Professionals
Homeowner Support for Special Assessments
Special Assessment, Community Relations, Resident Support, Homeowner Satisfaction
Homeowners and Board Members
Community Leaders, Homeowner Responsibilities, Fiduciary Duties, Community Association Institute, CAI
Neighborly Resolution or Covenant Enforcement… Is There a Middle Ground?
Association Board, Covenant Enforcement, Neighborly Resolutions, Declarations, Policy Enforcements
Smart Strategies for Social Media Use in Associations
Social Media, Community Relations, Communication, Communication Strategies, Association Communication
Summer Activities
Community Events, Event Planning, Outdoor Activities
Summer Time Activities
Summer, Community Activities, Community Relations
Volunteers in Community Association Life
Volunteers, Committee Members, Association Volunteers, Fufillment, Board Recognition
Wet Retention Ponds vs. Dry Detention Ponds
Retention Ponds, Ponds, Water Shed, Residential Areas, Common Areas
What Boards Need to Know About Neighbor-to-Neighbor Harassment
Prevention, Discrimination, Association Involvement
What is a New Homeowner’s First Impression of Your Community?
Community impression, Closing Department, Welcome book, Neighbors, Board Board Meetings

Community Safety

6 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Porch Pirates
Community Safety, Preventative, Safety Tips, Neighborhood Watch
Community Safety -Neighborhood Watch
Community Safety, Home Security, Neighborhood Watch Program, General Liability Policy
Halloween Safety Tips
Association Preparation, Tips for Residents, Tips for Motorists
Safety and Security in Your Community and Home
Community Safety, Home Security, Association Security, Crime Watch, Community Events
Safety in the Community
Community Safety, Association Safety, Safety
Special Florida Notification …FIRE SPRINKLER RETROFITTING
Florida Fire Code, Emergency Life Safety System, ELSS, DBPR
Winter Hazards and Safety
Winter, Winter Safety, Community Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Being Prepared for Natural Disasters for the Beginning of Hurricane Season
Hurricane, Extreme Weather, Insurance Coverage, Disaster Preparedness, Flood, Tornadoes, Shelters, Evacuation, Water Damage, Emergency Planning
Being Prepared Part for Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters, Policy Coverage, Flood Preparation, Tornado Preparedness, Hurricane, Preparedness, Emergency
Disaster Preparedness… Proactive not Reactive
Disaster Preparedness, Rules and Regulations, Ethical Responsibility, Emergency Services, Emergency Plan, Hurricane, Tornado
It’s Coming… Hurricane Season Preparation Starts
Hurricane Preparation, Community Insurance Coverage, Insurance Policy
Natural Disasters: A Fact of Life for Community Associations
Disaster Plan, Documentation, Insurance Coverage
Working Together in a Disaster
Association Plan, Amenity Closure, Board Planning

Financials & Budgeting

Adequate Reserves are a Good Operating Practice
Reserves Fund, Operating practice, Major Maintenance, Resale Value, Financial Reserves
An Unanticipated Expense- Can it be Covered by Reserve Funds? Take the Test!
Reserve Study, Financial Analysis, Association Assets, Common Area Maintenance
Association Reserves
Association Reserves, Capital Items, Maintenance Costs, Budgeting, Special Assessment, Financial
Association Special Assessments
Special Assessments, Budget, Resolution, Installment Payments, Multiple Special Assessments
Banking Industry Consolidation Trends
Bank Merger, Union Bank, Pacific Western Bank, Banking Team
Banking Interest Rates
Banking, Interest Rates, Financials, Budgeting
Bankruptcy… It’s a Federal Issue
Bankruptcy code, Financial obligation, Collection policy, Federal bankruptcy court, Bankruptcy protection, Financial
Board Financial Planning – Regrouping and Planning
Financial Planning, Maintenance Schedule, Community Planning, Annuals, Annual Planning
Budget Preparation and Completion
Budget Prep, Budgeting, Board Budget, Financial Planning
Budget Preparation- Time to Review
Budget starvation, Reserve study, Budget season, Operating budget, Community association budget, Board member tips
Budget Season
Budget season, Budget planning, Association contract bids, Budget starvation, Receivables
Budget Season: Updated Reserve
Annual budget, budget worksheet, updated reserve study, future capital expenditures, proposed budget
Budgeting Season
Budgeting, Financial Planning, Community Budget
Budgeting… and the Bottom Line
Budget, budgeting, condominium, expenses, reserves, reserve study, assessments, financials, cash flow, Financial
Collection Agencies for Assessment Debt … Can We Use Them?
Collections agency, Collections process, Community operations, Delinquent assessments, Collection policy, Financial
Collections: Mortgage Foreclosure
Collections, Mortgage foreclosure, Mortgage company, Collection strategy, Status of collections, financial
Collections: The Policy, the Process, the Options
Collections policy, Collections process, Fiduciary duty, Board of directors, Financial responsibility, Unpaid assessments
Condo Financing… Finally Getting a Break?
Financing, Condominium Owner, Condominium Board, Financing, HUD, FHA, Congressional Budget Office, Financial
Credit Reporting and Association Delinquencies
Delinquencies, Insurance, Building Maintenance, Collection Policy, Financial
Financial Reserves… Attractive to Buyers and Lenders
Financial Reserves, Capital Repairs, Maintenance Fees, Special Assessment, Under Funding Reserves
Financial Statement Explained
Financial Statement, Assessments, Accounting, Financial
Funding Reserves and What Happens When You Don’t
Board Responsibility, Funding Options, Special Assessments
Future Capital Replacement Items
Capital, Budgeting Process, Reserves, Future Capital Replacement, Savings Plan
Impact of Inflation
Inflation, Financial Planning, Board Budgeting
Positive Revisions – FHA Approvals
Condominium Guidelines, Federal Housing Administration, FHA, Mortgage
Regrouping, Planning and Communicating
Board Planning, Financial, Annuals, Financial Planning
Reserves… What are they Really for?
Reserve Study, Reserve Components, Extended Life Components, Reserve Funding Plan
Securing Financing for Association Projects
Financing, Budgeting, Association Projects, Community Planning, Budget Plans
Selecting a Banking Partner
Banking, Association Banking, Banking Partner, Financial Planning
Special Assessments
Special Assessments, Supplement, Budget, Board Planning
Special Assessments – Why, What, and How
Special Assessments, Homeowner Finances, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Budgeting Season
Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Financial Statement
Financial Statement, Annual Budget, Budget deviations, Maintenance Schedule, Financial Accuracy, Line of Credit
Tips for a Successful Budget Season
Budgeting Season, Budgets, Financial Planning, Association Budget
Tips for Budget Season
Annual Budget, Operations and Reserves, Operating Component, Reserve Component
Top Ten Tips for a Successful Annual Budget
Budget Season, Wish Lists, Reverse Budgeting, Reserves

Great Meetings

A New Way to Conduct Annual Meetings
COVID-19, Virtual Meetings, Voting
Agendas and Motions… Parliamentary Procedure/Robert’s Rules
Roberts Rules, Parliamentary Procedure, Agendas and Motions, Call to Order, Special Committees
Annual Meeting- What is a Proxy?
Annual Meeting, Special Meeting, Quorum, Proxy Type, Quorum Requirement, Limited Proxy, Directed Proxy
Are You Making the Most of Your Board Meeting Time?
Effective Board Meeting, Association Operation, Preparation and Planning
Board Meetings- Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics, CAI, Board Member Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Board Meetings
Board Meetings: Designated Voter
Voter, Ballot, Election Voting, Proposed Amendment, Designated Voter, Annual Meeting
Board Voting- Are Email Decisions a Valid Vote?
Voting, Board Meetings, Motions, Majority Vote, Official Records
Electronic Voting for Condominium and Homeowner Associations
Electronic Voting, Quorum, Voting Solutions, Electronic Voting Documents
Improve Meeting Effectiveness with Robert’s Rules of Order
Meeting Preparation, Quorum, Discussion Topics, Motions
Keys to Effective Board Meetings
Board Meeting, Effective Meeting, Board Agenda, Leadership, Roberts Rules, Association Management
Keys to Effective Board Meetings – Tips to Manage Time and Expectations
Board Meetings, Time Management, Organization Tips, Agenda
Minutes of Your Meetings: Roberts Rules
Adjournment, Meeting Minutes, Roberts Rules, Motions, Form of the Minutes, Board Meeting
More Than Just a Meeting… Your Annual Members Meeting
Annual Meeting, Not For Profit Corporate Act, Quorum, Election of Directors
Parliamentary Procedure- Robert’s Rules
Motions, Proposal, Parliamentary Procedure, Amendments, Roberts Rules
Quorum— Make It or Do Over
Quorum, Condominium Documents, Board Members, Board Attendance
Steps for Success: Running Online Meetings
Virtual Meetings, COIVD-19, Meeting Tips
Virtual Meetings: What We’ve Learned
Meeting tips, Moderator, Virtual Board Meetings
Voting Methods
Ballot, Voting Process, Annual Meeting, Designated Voter Certificate, Adjournment

Homeowner Rights & Responsibilities

Association Insurance Q & A
Association Insurance, Holdback, Condominium Insurance, Townhome Insurance
Does Your Community Need an Insurance Appraisal?
Replacement Cost Analysis, Insurance Appraisal, Fiduciary Duty
Flood vs. Water Damage: What Type of Coverage Do You Have?
Flood, Water damage, Flood insurance, Insurance policy, Commercial property policy, Homeowners policy, Insurance, Emergency
Good News! National Flood Insurance Program
National Flood Insurance, NFIP, General Property Insurance, Flood Loss, FEMA, NFIP, Association Insurance
Homeowner’s Rights and Responsibilities
Homeowner Rights, Homeowner Responsibilities, CAI Presidents Club, Property Maintenance, Association Assessments, Tenants
Homeowners and Board Members Rights and Responsibilities
Homeowner Rights, Homeowner Responsibilities, CAI, Governing Documents, Rules and Regulations
Impact of Hoarding on Your Association
Hoarding, Homeowner Rights, Homeowner Responsibilities, Community Guideposts, CAI Presidents Club, Hoarding
Important Information About Insurance Premiums and Your Community
Insurance Premiums, Association Policies, Fiscal Budget
Insurance… What Does It Cover and Do You Have Enough?
Coinsurance, Property Insurance, General Liability Coverage, Flood coverage
Professional Public Adjusters
Public Adjusters, Florida, Hurricanes, Claim Adjuster, Insurance claims
Vendor Insurance: Best Practices for Hiring Service Providers and Protecting Association Interests
Vendor Insurance, Workers Comp, CGL, Association Liability
Why is it Important to your Association for a Vendor/Contractor to Carry Worker’s Compensation and Commercial General Liability Insurance?
Worker's Compensation, General Liability Insurance, Association Liability, CGL Limits


Key Insurance Policies
Insurance, Insurance Policies, Community Insurance, Homeowner Insurance
Rising Insurance Premiums
Insurance, Insurance Premiums, Insurance Policy, Community Insurance, Homeowner Insurance
Rising Insurance Rates
Insurance Rates, Insurance, Insurance Premiums, Insurance Policy, Community Insurance, Homeowner Insurance
Worker’s Comp Insurance: Why it is Important to Your Association
Fiduciary, Contractors, Worker's Comp, Commercial General Liability, Insurance Coverage
Your Condo Insurance Policy – It’s Not Just About Price – It’s Also About Protection
Additional Living Expenses, Condo Insurance Policy, Master Condo

Legal & Legislative Updates

2018 Florida Legislative Changes for Condos and Co-ops
Condominium Websites, CommunityPro Portal, Website Records, Meeting Notice
2018 Florida Legislative Update
Florida, Legislation, HOA Amendments, Electronic Notice of Meetings, HOA Communications
2018 Maryland Legislative Update
Maryland, Legislation, Condominiums, Common Elements
2018 Virginia Legislative Update
Virginia, Legislative, Condominium Act, Association Disclosure
Association Accommodation
Housing provider, Association Accommodation, Reasonable Accommodation, Disability, Tenant
Association Legal Counsel… Who Do They Really Represent?
Association Counsel, Shareholders, Legal Counsel, Corporate Representatives, Association, Legal
Contracts for Community Projects
Contracts, Community Projects, Construction Law, Vendors
Fair Housing Act
Not for Profit Corporation, Fair Housing Act, Discrimination, Association Rules
Florida 2021 Legislative Session
Florida, Legislation, 2021, Assessments
Florida 2022 Legislative Update
Legislation, Legislative Update, Florida, Legal
Florida Condominium Board Members Required to Submit Election Certificates
Florida Condominium Board Members, Florida Legislation, Election Certificates, DBPR
Florida Legislation Special Edition Special Florida Notification
2017 Florida legislation, Florida notification
Florida Legislative Updates
Florida, Legislative, Legislation, Legal
HUD and Fair Housing… Rulings That May Impact Your Community’s Current Policies
FHA, HUD, Fair Housing Act, Screen Tenant Occupancy, Rules and Regulations, Familial Status
HUD Ruling…Neighbor to Neighbor Discrimination Regulation Impact Community Associations
HUD, Federal Fair Housing Act, Hostile Environment, Disputes, Complaint, Discrimination
HUD/FHA Lending Changes
Lender, HUD, FHA, Conventional Financing, USDA Guidelines, Loan Approvals
Idaho 2022 Legislative Update
Idaho, Legislation, Legislative, Legal
Legal Counsel: The When and Why of Engaging an Attorney for Association Business
Attorney, Governing Documents, Fiduciary Responsibility
Maryland 2022 Legislative Update
Maryland, Legislative, Legislation, Legal
Mediation and Arbitration… Are They the Same?
Arbitration, Settlement, Dispute, Controversy, Mediator
New Rental Application Processing Requirement – Service Members
Landlord Tenant Act, Prospective Tenants, Service Member, Rental Application
Notice of Commencement… Why it Should be Important to You
Commencement, Construction Lien Law, Association Responsibility
Reasonable Accommodation
ADA, Fair Housing, Disabled, Modifications
Special Edition: Florida 2021 Legislative Session
Legislative Update, Collection, NOLA
Special Legislative Update – Arizona 2018
Arizona, Legislative, Judgement Renewal, County Recorder Fees
Special Virginia e-News …2016 Legislative Changes Affecting Condominiums, Homeowner Associations, and Property Owner Associations
Certificate Fee, Closings, Eminent Domain Powers, Common Interest Communities, Virginia, Legislation

Rules, Regulations & Procedures

Adopt Operational Policies to Avoid Surprises
Operational Policy, Association Operation, Policy, Covenant Enforcement, Board Operations
Amending Governing Documents
Governing Documents, Documents, Board Documents
Basics of Association Governing Documents
Governing Documents, Documents, Association Documents
Board Policies: Collections and Covenants
Board, policies, procedures, collections, covenant enforcement, guidelines, Not For Profit, Board Member Tips
Board Resolutions – What Do They Do?
Board Resolutions, Formal Statements, Association Policies, Covenant Enforcement
Compliant Rules and Regulations
Rules, Regulations, Compliant, Phantom Rules, Governing Documents, Declaration, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Documents, Statutes, and Laws… Which One Takes Priority?
Documents, Federal Law, Bylaws, Master Deed, Property Status, Board Member Tips
Holiday Lighting and Decorations Guidelines
Holidays, Common Areas, Community Decorations, Homeowner Policy, Community Policy
Pets or Service Animals? – Pet Policies
Service Animals, Pet Policy, Covenants, Disabilities Act
Policies and Procedures: Help, Not a Hindrance
Vandalism, Community Watch Committee, Community Safety, Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures: Notice of Commencement
Policies, Obligations, Procedures, Notice of Commencement, Operating Process, Covenant Enforcement
Policy, Safety Standard Good Business Practice
OSHA Requirements, Insurance Requirements, Catastrophe Report
Resolutions for Your Community
Community resolutions, Meeting planning, Community social events, Emergency preparation, Board resolutions, Board planning
Short Term Rentals
Rentals, Community Policy, Short Term Rentals
Sign Restrictions in Community Associations
Violations, Community Restrictions, Sign Policy, Community Documents
The Importance of a Written Collection Policy for Your Association
Collections, Delinquent Members, Delinquency Schedule, Intent to Lien, Reminder Statement
What is an Operational Policy and How Does It Benefit the Operation of Your Association?
Operational Policy, Association Operation, Operational Process, Board Member Tips
When is a Pond a Pond?
Communities, Retention Pond, Detention Pond, Filtration, Pollutants, Federal Regulations, Water Run-off
How to Choose a Management Company for Your Community

How to Choose a Management Company For Your Community

5 Tips to Being A Successful New Board Member

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