Where do I find architectural standards for my association?

Log into your CommunityPro® account here and select “Information Center” from the left-hand navigation. Then select “Community Information” from the “Drawer” dropdown and then select “Architectural Standards and Guidelines” from the “Folder” dropdown and click “Search/Open.”

How do I submit an architectural review request to my association?

Every association has their own process for submitting an architectural request. You can log into your CommunityPro® account here and scroll down to “ARC Submittal” on the main page. If your community does not have the online ARC submittal feature enabled, please check your architectural standards documents under “Information Center” in your CommunityPro® account here...

If I mail my check to the old lockbox address will my check be returned or processed?

All checks mailed to the old lockbox address will not be returned and will be processed timely.

ClickPay from my mobile phone or other devices?" style="text-decoration:none;">Can I access ClickPay from my mobile phone or other devices?

Yes! You can utilize all of the ClickPay payment portal functionality on your mobile phone or tablet.

Should I have questions, how do I get help via phone or email?

For help with your account or setting up payments online you can visit the ClickPay help center at or by calling 800-533-7901 (option 1.)

Must I create a username and password for each account?

No, you will create one login/registration and if you have multiple accounts with separate account numbers you will link them to the single registration.  You will need to manage each payment separately within the payment portal.

Will I need my 16-digit account number to make a payment?

Your 16-digit account number(s) is always associated with your payment is required to complete the registration process before a payment can be made.

Can I use my Sentry CommunityPro PORTAL username and password to make a payment?

No. ClickPay is a partner with their own payment website—and is separate from our Sentry Management websites. Visit our payment page,, and select your preferred payment option to register. Remember, your 16-digit Account number(s), shown on your payment coupons, is required to complete the registration process before a payment can be made.

Are there fees for Credit and Debit Card Transactions?

Yes, there are fees association with credit and debit card transactions.

Are there fees for e-check (ACH) transactions?

There are no fees for making payment with e-checks (ACH).

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