Where do I find architectural standards for my association?

Log into your CommunityPro® account here and select “Information Center” from the left-hand navigation. Then select “Community Information” from the “Drawer” dropdown and then select “Architectural Standards and Guidelines” from the “Folder” dropdown and click “Search/Open.”

How do I submit an architectural review request to my association?

Every association has their own process for submitting an architectural request. You can log into your CommunityPro® account here and scroll down to “ARC Submittal” on the main page. If your community does not have the online ARC submittal feature enabled, please check your architectural standards documents under “Information Center” in your CommunityPro® account here...

How do I change my mailing address, phone number, or email with Sentry Management?

You can request a change of address, phone number or email address in any of the following ways: 1. Fill out the form here 2. Mail a written request to: Sentry Management, Inc. 2180 West S.R. 434, Suite 5000 Longwood, FL 32779 3. Email the change to 4. Fax the change to (407) 788-7488...

How can I order new or replacement coupons?

You can find the form to request new or replacement coupons here.

What if I want to opt out of receiving assessment coupons?

To stop receiving assessment coupons in the mail, log into your CommunityPro® account here. Go to “Your Profile” and un-check “Assessment Coupons” under “User Preferences”. Once you have logged in, you can also sign-up for a different method to make your automatic payments via automatic debit withdrawal or credit card charge.

What do I do if I haven’t received my refund check?

If you have been issued a refund but have not received it within 10 business days, you can send an email to for an update.  

I’m closing on my home – how do I find the documents I need?

You or the title company can order documents online, including mortgage questionnaire, estoppel, resale demand and trustee letters, by clicking here. If you need additional assistance, please call 407-788-6700 ext. 42000.  

How do I create a work order?

You can log into your CommunityPro® account here and select “Work Order Request” from the menu on the left. If your community does not have the work order feature enabled, please contact your community manager or your local office. If your request is an emergency, please call your local office.  

How do I view my association’s documents?

You can access your association’s documents any time by logging into your CommunityPro® account here. Once you have logged in, click on “Information Center” in the left-hand menu, then select the documents you want to view or print.

How do I reach my local Sentry office or my community manager?

You can find your community manager’s contact information at any time on your welcome page when you log into your CommunityPro® account here. If you need to find contact information for your local Sentry office, click here.  

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